Expressions – Custom Matted Print


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This lovely expression of excellence is written in the midst of shades of saffron, fuchsia, lavender, and plum. The original is a fusion of water color on art paper. The choice of frame in the photo is mahogany with antiqued corners. The writing itself is very spiritual. The writing appears to be reflected in a shield. This was not intentional on the artist’s part. However, it gives rise to the heart of the message that: “Excellence should be a shield of honor.” In the center, is an eagle–the ultimate symbol of strength and power? God will give us the strength and power to soar above all of our challenges and defeats. Look how it compliment a room.

The poem: Excellence is neither beauty nor charm/For charm can be deceitful/and beauty as fleeting/as a golden sunset/when eclipsed by billowy clouds of gray/Excellence shows itself neither unseemly/nor irreverently/Rather simply/Excellence is Piety/Excellence is Strength/Excellence is love/Excellence is Virtue/Virtue that springs forth as lively green grass dancing beneath April showers/Virtue that springs forth because the Word of God is alive in the Heart!