Our mission is to empower, and inspire humanity through our outreach  ministries, while offering creative approaches to appeal to new a generation.


Our vision is to meet the needs of low and moderate income persons by addressing community issues through our various projects that help enhance their quality of life.


1. The Word Ministry

The Word is ministered through multi-media venues, which include, but are not limited to ministry articles, videotaped presentations, books, music, other technological, art forms, and artifacts.

2. Prayer Support Ministry

No ministry can exist without prayer. We want to pray for you and with you. We need your prayers as well. This site offers a link for you to communicate your prayer needs. We will pray the Word over your particular situation, standing in the gap for God to respond in accordance with His lovingkindness.

3. MOVE Ministry

In the context of this ministry, MOVE is an acronym for, “Moving Our Visions to Evolution.” One of the biggest problems facing American people today is unemployment. However, those of us who believe that God owns everything, and everything belongs to Him, will look to Him as the Source and Resource to open doors that no man can shut.  One of our primary goals is to serve independent business owners by helping them to tap into small business loans and grants, and by encouraging and providing connections to home-based business opportunities.  Under this ministry, EagleEase, LLC offers consulting services to business organizations. These services include, but are not limited to, setting up your business according to the laws of local and federal governments.

4. IMPACT Ministry

Through this ministry, assistance is provided through IMPACT CDC,  that makes an immediate “impact” on individuals, families, and organizations. An example is the provision of cash and gift cards for gasoline, grocery assistance, and other necessities. The ultimate goal of this ministry is to provide rent, mortgage, or utility assistance for families who are experiencing life-altering situations over which they have no control.  The FUEL (Filling Up with Excellence and Leadership) Skills Project, a motivational project that encourages and empowers children between the ages of 5 and 12, is operated under this ministry. Finally, the NEEDS Program (Non-Profit Empowerment and Evolution Program) has impacted a number of starter organizations through its programs that offer materials, workshops, and services that cover all phases of setting up legitimate business organizations, from development of the organizing documents, to branding, programming, and fundraising. The NEEDS Program is now being operated through our new consulting arm, EagleEase, LLC.

5. Hospitality Ministry

Hospitality is one of the forgotten spiritual gifts. God speaking through the Apostle Paul in Romans 12:9-13, says, “Love must be sincere…Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.”The text is expressed as a commandment to practice hospitality. Paul’s word choice is specific. He is not saying “practice” in the sense of “try this out to see if you’re any good at it, but rather “do this until you get good at it.” Therefore, we are commanded to eagerly pursue, seek, and run after hospitality. Furthermore, Paul indicates from the text that the pursuit of hospitality is a fruit of sincere love. Through this ministry, we will learn how to fulfill the hospitality commandment in the new millennium without jeopardizing our safety and the safety of our family.

6. Trash to Treasure Ministry

Everything that God made has value. As a society, we often find our lives cluttered with the many tangibles that are derived from this value. Our homes and garages are often cluttered with things we never use, will never use, and that our children will never use, nor want. There is empirical evidence suggesting that a cluttered environment could be a sign of deeper psychological issues, and even worse. However, God speaks to us through Luke, reminding us, “Give and you will receive. Thus, this ministry encourages turning one’s trash into treasure and providing that treasure or the funds from the excess, as an offering/donation to a ministry or addressing some humanitarian need. Anyone can have a garage sale, whether living in a single family residence or an apartment. Get rid of your heavy load and give it to someone in need.

7. The Red Hat Ministry

This ministry is in honor of my dearly departed Mother, Mrs. Sue White Thompson, who retired from the service industry. She loved God, she loved people, and she loved hats—all kinds. And she looked beautiful wearing them. She provided physical, mental, and spiritual comfort to many through her work as a health care professional, before her passing. As often as we can roll it into our various activities, we will ask participants to wear something red or a red hat. We also raise funds  to provide scholarships for students from economically challenged households desiring to enter a service profession.

8. Creative Arts Ministry

We use the revenues from this ministry to support the work of this ministry. God will provide ministry resources from the work of our hands. This work includes books, CD’s, art prints, and a number of other offerings that will come forth. There is nothing more exhilarating than birthing seeds planted by God, and then observing their profound impact on humanity. We pray that all of our art forms will find their place to those who are ordained to be  impacted,  and to those who will bless the kingdom of God by their purchase of them. Please peruse the site for our current products!